Ridley Township selected McCormick Taylor to perform construction inspection and monitoring services for the superstructure replacement on Bullens Lane over Crum Creek in Ridley Township, Delaware County, PA. The existing 62-foot adjacent box beam bridge, which allows Crum Creek to flow below Bullens Lane, was replaced by an adjacent box beam superstructure with an 8-inch concrete deck. The Bullens Lane bridge allows greater access to the local park trails for hikers and runners and is now open for the public to traverse. The existing bridge was weight restricted, so now the new bridge is open to legal loads.


We sat down with John Bush, PE to learn more about this project.


What is your role on this project? What was McCormick Taylor responsible for?

Ed Curran, a construction inspector in our Exton office, and I worked on this project. I oversaw the construction inspection and monitoring of the project. Highlights included ensuring that the work was done within design specifications, checking materials certifications, measuring quantities, and approving payment applications.


Have you come across any challenges or concerns while working on this project? 

The biggest challenge was the weather. We initially postponed construction so that we could place the concrete in the bridge deck in the spring. However, we began construction in the winter and were able to place the concrete deck in a rare warm spot in February and heated the deck for curing. If we did not get it placed, the project probably wouldn’t have been completed in the expected timeframe. However, we did get the work done in a one-day window, with about three hours to spare! 


Does the project have any unique aspects?

The weather conditions and the expediency of completion within a short timeframe made this project unique. 


What’s your favorite part of the project?

Overcoming the challenges of winter construction.


What has the feedback been like from the community?

Residents are pleased with the increased access that the bridge allows. 


Are there any social, economic, or sustainable development aspects of the project?

As mentioned earlier, the previous bridge had a posted weight limit, meaning the bridge limited the size of the trucks along this road. Now the road is open to legal loads, so I expect there to be long-term benefit.

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