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In the traditional sense, benefits at any large company typically include a health plan and a 401K package, which often vary in depth and scale of offerings. However, today’s employees are looking for much more and welcoming additional perks. Through transitional times, McCormick Taylor remains committed to providing modern, unparalleled, comprehensive benefits to every team member.


“We are constantly evaluating how we are doing and how we can better assist each employee with their emotional, physical, family, and financial needs. We don’t view an employee as someone who just shows up for a set number of hours to do a job - we understand we are acquiring a whole person and the life that comes with them, and we want to do our very best to honor that.”

-Dawn Bruno, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Human Resources


To get a closer look at McCormick Taylor’s benefit offerings, we asked Dawn to tell us more about the investment the company is making in its employees and why.

What is McCormick Taylor’s philosophy when it comes to employee benefits?

Our philosophy has always been to endeavor to offer the best possible options and benefits. We want to do more than industry standards and go a step above what our competitors offer. Ultimately, we want to feel proud of what we are offering and not just provide the bare minimum.


What makes McCormick Taylor’s Benefit Package different or unique?

We have always taken pride in offering top-quality benefits at very affordable rates for everyone and that will continue to be a large part of the package we provide. However, our benefits package is so much more than that because it considers the whole person. We support our employees' careers and professional development, along with their physical, mental, and financial well-being. We extend that same support to their families as much as we can, and we encourage and empower our employees to make themselves and their families their top priority. With this support, employees in turn give us their best selves and help us reach our business goals.


How does McCormick Taylor’s Benefit Package now compare to earlier years and/or other companies?

Our benefits have evolved a lot over the years and have expanded along the way to accommodate the changing needs of our employees and their families. The offerings in our benefits package are centered on those needs and our common company values and principles, which include:

  • Caring for our employees' whole-self by providing robust physical and mental health benefits.
  • Offering flexibility and resources to support a healthy work-life balance.
  • Recognizing, supporting, and rewarding each employee's journey to success with flexibility and inclusivity.  
  • Facilitating financial wellness that begins with competitive pay, educates families at all ages, and invests in future outcomes.
  • Fostering an enjoyable, inspiring workplace that facilitates good working relationships whether in-person or remote.


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If you are looking for more flexibility with your work schedule, visit our careers page to see how you can join our team.
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How do McCormick Taylor’s benefits incorporate advancement opportunities and employee growth?

Our total rewards program offers benefits to help with employee advancement and growth through our Career Development Initiative, which includes a formalized structure, titles, and a formal performance review process. In addition, we offer generous incentives and reimbursement for employees who are in the process of obtaining a State recognized licensure, as well as assisting those employees seeking to expand their skill set or who need to maintain professional licenses and certifications.


What aspects of McCormick Taylor’s Benefit Package are you most proud to offer this year? 

Two benefits that I am particularly proud of are paid parental leave and a hybrid work



While our paid parental leave was established years ago, I am always happy to tell people about it, because it speaks to how important family is to McCormick Taylor. We understand that making time for yourself and those special moments in life like those first few days or weeks after bringing home a newborn, adopted, or foster child are priceless, and you can never get that time back.


The other is the freedom to be able to work in the office or from home. While COVID initially created a very chaotic situation, it forced us to rethink how we conduct business and live life. It created freedoms that we never really focused on as opportunities. Our talent pool has expanded, and employees are able to give more of themselves to their work in many situations because they are able to live in other areas and not spend so much time in their car commuting, which they never dreamed would be possible. Employees have appreciated the ability to slow down a little and have more family time while still being able to produce quality work.

Here is what employees are saying about the expanded benefits package.

“Gone are the days of rushing in the morning to pack lunch, pack gym clothes, walk the dog, and get out the door by 7:30am. This makes me feel less stressed and leads to a happier, more productive day.”

“I’ve had many occasions when I’ve gone to the dentist, orthodontist, or the eye doctor, and they’ve commented on what great insurance coverage we have. Since these are services we use every year, it is nice to know we can depend on having such quality benefits.”

“I enjoy the flexibility and not having a commute. I was spending about 3 to 4 hours in the car every day!”

If you are looking for more flexibility with your work schedule, visit our careers page to see how you can join our team.