Hurricane Ida left a wide path of destruction from the Gulf of Mexico to New England. The aftermath of that destruction is still being felt in parts of southeastern Pennsylvania where heavy rain and catastrophic flooding damaged numerous roads and bridges. McCormick Taylor has been on the front line since the storm abated supporting our clients from Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties to assess the damage and coordinate repairs.


Our inspectors and designers have witnessed unbelievable damage to roadway and bridge infrastructure, debris above and within bridges, completely destroyed wing walls, and incredible levels of erosion. The work has required more than 15 dedicated McCormick Taylor professionals and three subconsultants working long hours and many consecutive days. Within the first week, 117 bridge inspections were completed, 75 by McCormick Taylor and 42 by our subconsultant partners, with three underwater inspections still pending.


McCormick Taylor’s response to Ida is included as part of separate existing contracts we maintain with Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. For these contracts, we administer each county’s Bridge Program, which collectively includes 270 county-owned bridges and 75 miles of roadway. In addition to emergency response, the contracts include project management of bridge maintenance, replacement and rehabilitation projects, program funding and budgeting assistance, capital improvement planning, engineering design, environmental permitting, right-of-way acquisition services, biennial and interim bridge inspections, construction management and inspection, and flood monitoring and post-flood inspections.


We thank our dedicated staff and teaming partners for their support!

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28 debris in floor system