May was Asian American & Pacific Islander Month as well as Mental Health Awareness Month. Both the celebration of the AAPI community and Mental Health Awareness are incredibly important to McCormick Taylor's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, particularly given the abhorrent rise in violence against the AAPI community in recent times. The DEI Committee requested funds from McCormick Taylor's Charity Committee to support Project Lotus.


Project Lotus is a fairly new organization looking to provide support to the AAPI community regarding mental health and healthcare. The organization is an exceptional resource for the Asian-American community. Their mission is to address mental health stigma, shame, and perception and care of mental health. The organization provides accessible and culturally relevant resources to foster a sustainable, supportive community. Resources and events are currently virtual, with hopes of in-person events in a safer and healthier time.


The donation from McCormick Taylor helped Project Lotus reach a specific fundraiser goal during AAPI month. Click here to learn more about Project Lotus.


About McCormick Taylor's DEI Committee

McCormick Taylor strives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment. Our commitment to inclusion spans age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and physical and mental ability. Our focus is on building a culture that promotes, supports, and values the diverse backgrounds and voices of our employees so that everyone can succeed.


About McCormick Taylor's Charity Committee

McCormick Taylor’s Charity Committee helps our employees give back to their communities. By becoming involved with our employees’ different organizations, programs, and charities, we grow closer to our employees and the places we call home.

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